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Income Earning Idea: Sell Through Amazon Trade-In

I am always looking for simple ways to save or earn money.  Over the years, through trial and error, I have discovered a few methods that consistently (and painlessly) work.  I’ll be sharing these in my series “Income Earning Ideas.”  I have tried and fully endorse each of these methods.  If you have any income earning ideas that work for you, feel free to submit a tip or guest post to me at


Hello.  My name is Sarah, and I have a book obsession.


I cannot resist the smell of a new book.  Or an old book.  Really, just the sight of the printed word can cause me to drool.  My husband and I love to have dates in used book stores.  We search for treasures in the poetry section, the philosophy racks, and the memoir shelves.


And so our bookshelves are overflowing.


A few years ago I realized that I could make some money on the books that I have bought but no longer need.  I discovered the Amazon Trade-In Program.


The program will give you Amazon gift cards for gently used books, electronics, DVDs, video games, and more.  They even pay shipping!  Here’s how:


Sign up for an Amazon Account

Follow this link to the program.  If you do not have an Amazon account, at this point you will be able to create one.


Enter Your Items

You will enter the names or ISBN numbers of the items that you wish to sell.  Now, the trade-in program is only looking for certain popular items, so it may not take every item that you would like to sell.  I have had the best luck with fairly new textbooks, classic literature, and DVDs.  Friends have traded their old cell phones or video games in and loved the prices that they were offered.


Amazon Gives You a Price

Amazon will offer you a price for the item.  If you choose to accept that price, you will put that item in your trade-in cart.  You can then enter the names of other items you wish to sell.


Print Your Postage

Once you have added all of your items to your trade-in cart, you are ready to print your postage.  One of the best features of the program is its FREE SHIPPING.  Amazon pays for all of your items to be shipped!  You will just need to print out the postage, attach it to a box, and drop the box off at your local post office or give it to your postal carrier.


Amazon Examines the Items

Once it has received your items, Amazon will assess each to make sure that it is in the condition you described it to be in.


Get Your Digital Gift Card

Amazon will then automatically add your digital gift card to your Amazon account.  Now, the next time that you go to shop, you will have money in your account!


Amazon Trade-In Program is an easy way to earn money.  I have often used it around Christmas time, since we tend to purchase several of our gifts through Amazon anyway.  It’s always great to cut back on our costs!
Have you ever used Amazon Trade-In Program?  What was your experience like?

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3 thoughts on “Income Earning Idea: Sell Through Amazon Trade-In

  1. I’ve only recently discovered Amazon trade in. The UK site is quite new and so it doesn’t accept that much stuff, but what it does take gets decent prices (and my first order got a £5 bonus for trading in £15 worth of books). I hope it expands quickly. At the moment, though, I use more often because they take more stuff.

  2. This is really good post, great insights and inspiring too
    I read a few articles about amazon affiliate program & I’m amazed at the level of income possible.I definitely want to make money selling things online.
    All of my experiences trying to sell online have been fruitless, but I’ve never put much effort into it.

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